Reconfigurable Quadrupedal-Bipedal Snake Robots (ReQuBiS)

A re-configurable robot which can transition into biped, quadruped and snake configurations without any re-arrangement of modules.


A teleoperated differential-drive robot to deliver food packets and medicines to the COVID patients. Doctors can interact with patients from a safe distance using the onboard video conferencing system.

Multi Agent Wireless Sensor Network

Implemented a mesh network based on IEEE 802.15.4 to establish consensus in a swarm of robots. Established handshake using Atmega328p as well as TIVA TM4C123GXL launchpad.

Harmonic Motion Analyser

MATLAB based program to analyze motion equation and parameters. I Designed an algorithm for tracing path of a damped oscillator.

Hobby Projects

I enjoy taking up small handy projects like **Line follower bot**, **Designed a manually controlled mobile robot**, **Fabricated a clap switch**, **Fabricated a cell phone charger**.

Laser Security System

Implemented a laser security system with push notifications capability and real-time monitoring.